Madden Tournament U IN? HELL YEA!

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Hello fellow gamers. Its been a while and I would like to thank you for staying in contact with us. Our next tournament is OCTOBER 3 Sunday @ 2pm. The game of selection is Madden 2011 for the XBOX 360. By all means bring your own controllers is accepted and it will be $15 sign-ins and $5 free play’s. IF INTERESTED PLEASE RSVP AT  More information on the link below, hope you can make it!

Madden Tournament


FOOTBALL! Madden 2011 Tournament SOON!

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Hello fellow gamers just letting you know that our next tournament is on AUGUST 21 @ 7pm.

So far we are having a good run on our tournaments and I want to thank you gamers for showing your love and coming through. Now its time to see our MADDEN FANS come through.

Here is the Flyer with all the information, Madden Tournament,  and I do hope you come and bring your best cause so far I am hearing a lot of hype of gamers being the best and I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE BEST OF BEST GO AT IT ON AUGUST 21!

Of course there is a Prize to be given and we would like for those that are interested to pre-sign up so hit me up on my email with your information at

See ya soon, FOOTBALL!


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Hello Gamers. Almost less then a week away to our Smash Bros Brawl and Blazblue event. Good response so far from our fellow fans. Remember there will be music and free play and of course you never know what can happen at the event. I hope you guys are ready I am getting a lot of response talking about “Being the Best Smash Bro” gamer. Bring your A game. Hit me up if you have any questions at or 786 210-1879.

!!Next Tournament Scheduled!! JULY 17!

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Hello world and a good morning to all. just want to post the flyer to our next event. If you have any questions or concerns you know how to reach us! Come down and support.

Click the link to see the flyer; July 17th Flyer

Sent An Email T Our Fans

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Good morning all. Just wanted to let you know that we updated our fans contact information and it was no easy task. I had some emails failed, most likely due to writing the wrong email. If you believe that your email was saved wrongly please send me an email with basic contact information and I will update the list. Thank You.

Grand Open Event Showdown

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Hello all. Just letting you know that the New Real GTF inc Grand Opening event page is done and the pictures are added (looked at the right side of the web page under PAGES , link is there). I loved the way it turned out and can’t wait to get the second and third event done. This of course is in process. Of course I want to thank you all and hope you keep supporting us. By the way for the people that showed up keep an eye out on your emails to confirm that we got it right and updating you on our future plans. Thank You ALL!

Grand Opening Event Is Getting Closer

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HOLY CRAP just 5 days till our GAME NIGHT. People are ready to go. If you need assistance with anything please call
786 210 1879 (Ask for Emanuel). So far the response been great but of course we want more people to sign up. Hope You can make it.

Free Gaming Event Getting Closer

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Hello our fellow gamers. May 29th is getting closer and it seems that New Realm is getting road blocks trying to get this event together. But no worries we are not letting no one stop us! Our professional flyers are not in yet so i had to make one as a plan B. Its not the best but hope this helps. Come down and support us!

Launch Event — Click link for more information.

Again if you need more info please contact me ASAP at

Update Info on May 29 event

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Why is it so hard to get flyers done ASAP. But I am not here to hate on other people parade. Event is coming closer and nerves are kicking in. Got some nice reply’s and cant wait for this day to come. “IT HAS BEGUN”(Mortal Kombat  movie quote). Yes I know this was not that funny so what. Hope you guys can make it to New Realm GTF gaming event on May 29 at 7:00. Again if you need any information please email me at

Gamers Stop looking we are here

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Emanuel here just want to tell our gamers in South FL that on May 29th our first gaming event is Live at 7:00pm at
4925 S.W 74ct Miami FL.
Please support us we are having Madden 2010 for the Xbox360, Super Street Fighter 4 on the PS3 and also DJ Hero. And of course for the Wii Smash Bros. Brawl/Melee and more. This event is free and of course sign in tournament at the event. Live music and more. Hope you can make it. If you need more information please contact me at