FOOTBALL! Madden 2011 Tournament SOON!

Hello fellow gamers just letting you know that our next tournament is on AUGUST 21 @ 7pm.

So far we are having a good run on our tournaments and I want to thank you gamers for showing your love and coming through. Now its time to see our MADDEN FANS come through.

Here is the Flyer with all the information, Madden Tournament,  and I do hope you come and bring your best cause so far I am hearing a lot of hype of gamers being the best and I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE BEST OF BEST GO AT IT ON AUGUST 21!

Of course there is a Prize to be given and we would like for those that are interested to pre-sign up so hit me up on my email with your information at

See ya soon, FOOTBALL!


3 Responses to “FOOTBALL! Madden 2011 Tournament SOON!”

  1. Robert Gamble Says:

    id like to be in it

  2. Thank You for your reply, at the moment the tournament is at standby but as soon as we launch this event you will be the first person we contact.

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