Who Is New Realm GTF?

CEO – David Adderly

The goal a vision of new realm is to take gaming to a whole new level. New Realm is not your typical gaming world. This is the first step into take the gaming world to a pro status. Meaning, you can be recognized for your skills in game on a bigger stage. This goes for all gamers weather it be card games (Pokémon, magic, world of warcraft) or video games (madden 2010, Super street fighter. Super smash brothers, and many, many, more.) As we see it hot-dog eating is a sport, it takes a certain type of skill to swallow that many hot dogs (giggty) well why can video games be take to that length… We as a company have many step to take for our gamers and this is the first one..Live video and win lose rankings will be kept… So if you think you are the best we would like to see it… I hope to see you there!

CCO – Emanuel Negron

Hello world! I’m here to tell you a little about New Realm GTF (Gaming Tournaments and Fun) inc. We are a licensed company that is striving to get the gaming community under one roof. We are passionate gamers that are trying to get South Florida a competitive and casual environment  were gamers can come together.  If interested please contact us by any means (our contact information is provided ).

Gamers Come All!


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