Contact Info / New Realm Team

CEO – David Adderly aka Blade


My name is David Adderley. My friends call me Blade… I am the C.E.O of NEW REALM G.T.F I stared this idea four years ago with one goal in mind to bring gamers to a stage of gaming. I myself was born with a controller in my hand from colecovision to ps3 I was born in the greatest era and today I share that same love with all gamers… In pursuit of my goals I met 3 of the greatest people I’ve ever met thus making my journey a lot easier… they shared the same goals and passion for gaming as I did and still do today we have been going strong everyday never losing sight of our mission . New Realm G.T.F is coming are you ready?

CCO – Emanuel Negron


Maybe the most sarcastic person in the team. But a kind person in heart. I’m a multi platform gamer that loves a challenge. I’m also a big fan in Japanese culture and honor. Favorite saying “Remember who you are and who you represent”. Dream to do something that I love for a living not a chore.

CTO – Matthew Johnson


Is a PC enthusiast who enjoys an occasional anime, video game and Zombies. You want to talk tech, you can talk to him. Currently working on his CCNA, and becoming better with SSF4’s Juri. Favorite games are: Infamous, uncharted (both), some J-RPGs/W-RPGs, NFS underground 1 & 2, and Doom (All).

CMO – Matthew Spiller


I am the official Collectible Card Game Manager for New Realms Gaming. I love card games, especially ones that make me think and have to come up with insane strategies. If there is a new CCG out there, I am willing to try it. Besides CCG, I am an avid Street Fighter fan and I love action packed video games. My motto is ‘Whatever you are doing, always enjoy it.’


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